BELIX® wind turbine gearbox design


A complete gear system, with the epic design that also can be integrated in conventional gear boxes as first, intermediate or final stage – gearboxes with first planetary stage, utilizes an optional design that also gives advantages in the planetary stage. Requested input – output shaft configurations are available (aftermarket compatible).

The Belix® gear system can be integrated in hybrid drive – medium speed gearboxes in Wind turbines and adds, improved performance together with increased reliability to the latest developed architectures.  

Rigid and solid, withstands wind dynamics not affected of changes in wind speed, withstands high-loaded and harsh operating conditions including start/stop and high reversed loads, as well as low and intermittent loads and its transitions that occur at varying wind speeds.

Predictable service-life, good correspondence to well establish service-life calculation models. Straight forward design gives simple load distribution and strength calculations resulting in better correlation to real conditions. Stochastic failures will be eliminated.

No bending forces – clean torque, less load at main bearing and structure, less load at generator bearing and couplings.

Offers outstanding reliability, both the design and the way to eliminate well known issues are unique and offers the highest reliability possible resulting in: less down-time, less operation dependence to service-life and it lasts the calculated 25 year service-life.


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